Levels of Sponsorship 

The operating cost to run a professional program in reflection of the factory-sponsored teams is in the millions. MRT runs its program at the bare minimum costs with volunteer time from the team and cash from Sponsors. The minimum cost per weekend to race one motorcycle is over one thousand dollars for any WERA, WSMC and CCS race event. It is double that for any AMA event. 

To generate a professional marketing program equivalent to the factory teams requires more machines, manpower and materials. Upon request, MRT can provide a full financial program and business plan. 

Levels of sponsorship are as follows and are open to negotiation:

Primary/Title Sponsor
The Primary Sponsor Level provides for maximum visibility, consumer awareness and identity for your company. The Primary Sponsor is entitled to Team Name recognition (Your Company Name Racing Team) and has final say on many team decisions. The Primary sponsor usually invests in a team transporter and paddock display with tents and other promotional materials and is the primary financial supporter. 

Associate Sponsor
The Associate Sponsor is entitled to the opportunity to negotiate its company name within the team name, and having the company name or logo displayed on the racing machines, transporter, riderís leathers, crew uniforms and other forms of marketing collateral. The team's current transporter is used. The sponsor supplies tents with its logo and graphics, and any other promotional materials and is a major financial supporter. 

Product/Service Sponsor
Product or Service Sponsors are entitled to product / marketing endorsements, and company name or logo displayed on the racing machines, transporters, riderís leathers and crew uniforms. The teamís current transporter and paddock display is used. The Sponsor supplies product or service with any additional marketing effort including all product information and promotional materials.

Contact us for information on how to become an official Marz Racing Team sponsor.


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