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David Siminski (#778)
(Rider Bio)

From the early stages of childhood, "Speed" and "Competition" were common activities for David as his passion for extreme sports was well known to all those around him. Having grown up in Buffalo, NY, David spent countless hours on the slopes. His talent for downhill skiing was quickly identified and he found himself to be a major competitor in downhill skiing at the early age of 10.

Now having settled down on the West Coast, David's need for speed continues to grow along with his passion for competition. Although dirt bike, mountain bike, and snow mobile riding are common hobbies, David's true love is behind the bars of a Roadrace bike.

David's racing goal for 2004 is to win the Top Rookie Expert of the Year title in both WERA and WSMC racing championships.

Date of Birth  November 26, 1975
Home Town Tucson, AZ
Occupation Officer of Law, Roadracer
Race Bike Suzuki GSXR 750
Sponsors Pirelli, LP USA, Motorex USA, EBC
Best Finishes Four first place finishes with WERA in 2004 and three podium finishes with WSMC in 2004
2004 Racing Goals Earn WSMC and WERA Top Rookie Expert of the Year

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